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Serger 3 Day Workshop
October 19, 20 & 21

Independent Machine Expert & Designer, Karen Clancy brings 20+ sewing industry experience to the classroom. A lifelong sewer with a passion for all things creative, she loves to combine the traditional with the new and exciting! Having studied both fashion & interior design, worked for several sewing machine and fabric retailers as well as a major distributor, she combines her diverse experience with her passion for teaching, sewing & travel running her business “Karen Claire designs,” where she creates and alters clothing, home décor, accessories, etc for private clients, has sewn for the small stage and the big screen and shares her vast knowledge with students around the country.
Karen brings a certain practical approach to the classroom, but REALLY mixes it up and bends the rules when she steps into the world of machines & fabric! Her classes and workshops are fun and informative and regardless of the type(s) of “sewing” you do or wish to do, you are sure to be inspired, take away great information and learn something new!

Handi Quilter 3 Day Workshop
November 30, December 1 & 2
Morning and afternoon session each day. 9:30-12:30 & 1:30-4:30.
Each class $45.
Sign up for all three days and get one class FREE.
Open to any brand Long-Arm. This workshop is great for anyone who owns equipment already or anyone potentially looking to purchase or rent in the future. Come and learn how you can turn your hobby into a professional and successful business. Hands on training at Fonder Sewing, 2130 W 41st St.
Class schedule:
1. Intro to Pro-Sticher -

HQ Pro-Stitcher is an intuitive computer-guided quilting system designed especially for use with Handi Quilter longarm quilting machines. User-friendly and simple to operate, the step-by-step process for each function is easy to master and fun to do. Whether you’re considering a quilting business or simply want to finish your own quilts, come see the elegant and precise quilting you can accomplish with an HQ Pro-Stitcher.

  • Overview of menu and basic functions
  • Working with built-in designs; importing, saving and customizing designs
  • Resizing and repeating a design to fit a specific area
  • Handling thread breaks
  • Creating, cropping and nesting edge-to-edge designs
2. Ruler Mania -

If you love precision and consistency in your quilting designs, you will love using design rulers and templates! These handy tools assist in placing designs accurately and stitching them out precisely. Learn to handle rulers and templates safely with the ruler base, and how to achieve accuracy with the markings. The wide variety of Handi Quilter rulers will inspire you to new design heights.

  • Handling rulers safely
  • Accomplishing precision and accuracy
  • Straight line quilting and stitch in the ditch
  • Right angles and crosshatching
  • Overview of all shapes of Handi Quilter rulers

3. Start Simple and Expand to Amazing -

Begin with a basic design from a stencil, a ruler or template, an applique, a design in a piece of fabric, or even a shape you draw yourself – then transform and expand that design from basic to spectacular. Add extended and secondary designs, repeats, fills and special effects. Learn marking techniques and tools for applying designs to quilt tops.

  • Using stencils and templates to begin a design
  • Expanding block designs into sashing and borders
  • Repeating designs for special effects
  • Fillers and embellishments to enhance a design
  • Making your own stencils
4. Creative Textures and Fills -

Meandering is the easiest and most common filler for background space – but there are limitless creative design elements to use instead.   Come expand your design portfolio by learning the stitch path of a wide variety of creative filler designs. Learn which designs lend themselves best to micro-quilting, and how to use micro-handles for best results.

  • Selecting appropriate fills to compliment design style
  • Creating special effects with different fillers
  • Scaling the fill design size appropriately
  • Evenly placing and spacing fills
  • Effectively using HQ Micro Handles
5. Stepping Stones to Quilting your First Quilt -

This class is for everyone – whether you’ve never quilted and want to learn, or if you already quilt. This overview covers the step-by-step process, from selecting a quilting design to the first quilting stitches. You will learn how to resize and apply designs, choose batting and backings, baste quilt tops, and all about threads, needles and tension. You will be on your way to finishing your quilts!

  • Selecting, resizing auditioning and applying quilt designs
  • Preparing the quilt top and backing
  • Batting selection and basting
  • Threads, needles and tension
  • Stitch in the ditch and meander quilting
6. All about Feathers -

Feather designs always add a touch of class to any quilt, evoking a positive response from any viewer. Learn to draw and stitch these beautiful elements in many different styles, from traditional to contemporary. Then learn how to fit them in specific geometric spaces, how to turn corners, make feather wreaths, and how to echo and add fills. It’s easier than you think!

  • How to draw fluid feathers
  • Adding echo and fills
  • Fitting feathers within a geometric space
  • Feather wreaths
  • Turning corners with feathers

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